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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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leslie johnson pleaded guilty this morning to evidence to witness and evidence tampering. county executive baker wants her to resign immediately. back in november, johnson was arrested after prosecutors say she flushed a $100,000 check down a toilet, and stuffed almost $80,000 in cash in her shirt. she is facing about a year in prison now. derrick ward was in court today and joins us now with more on this story. derrick? >> reporter: well, jim, there is a call from the top of prince george's county's government for councilwoman leslie johnson to step down from her district 6 seat immediately. county executive baker says the council could then use the summer recess to prepare for a special election for her replacement. >> there is nothing i can do or say that would make this day any less difficult. >> reporter: prince george's county executive baker says district 6 council member leslie
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johnson should step down immediately to hayesen the county's healing amid her guilty plea for her role in a county corruption scandal. federal authorities say she conspired with her husband, former county executive jack johnson, to hide and destroy evidence, namely the proceeds of bribes that are at the center of the investigation. >> i made a mistake for which i today accepted responsibility for my conduct. >> reporter: johnson's plea comes after her arrest last november, along with her husband. federal investigators cited wiretap transcripts of frantic phone conversations between the johnson discussing what to do with thousands in cash and a $100,000 check. this as agents were at the door of their mitchellville home with search warrants. the u.s. attorney says leslie johnson was more than a passive player. >> it was leslie johnson who said "what about the cash in the basement?" which indicates she knew about this huge quantity of cash that was in the johnsons' home. >> reporter: jack johnson has already pled guilty.
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leslie johnson's plea agreement means she could serve somewhere between a year and year-and-a-half for her role. federal authorities say it all serves to put officials on notice, as well as citizens. >> the leadership of any organization of any government sets the tone for what is -- how that government is run and how people interact with that government. and i think what you have seen and heard throughout this case demonstrates that there was a bad tone in prince george's county. >> reporter: now, county executive baker has made ethical government a linchpin of his administration. no word yet on whether leslie johnson will heed the call from baker to step down. the law says she can keep her seat until she is sentenced in mid october. and once she steps down by choice or statute, a special election would be held to fill the vacancy. back to you, jim. >> thanks, derrick. jack johnson, leslie johnson's husband, is scheduled to be sentenced in september. sentencing guidelines call for him to get between 11 and 13 years in prison.
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we have a developing story out of temple hills, maryland this afternoon. where on a playground, a 4-year-old boy was shot by a 5-year-old. news4's jackie bensen is live now with more on exactly what happened out at that playground. jackie? >> reporter: wendy, we received the news a short time ago that the 4-year-old's injuries are described as nonlife threatening. some very good news. now we're told that prince george's county police were called to this garden apartment complex just after 23rd parkway and temple hills just before 4:00 p.m. there they found the 4-year-old bleeding from a gunshot wound through and through. he was on the playground. officers learned he and a 5-year-old boy were playing there. the 5-year-old had somehow found a gun, brought it outside, and it fired at the younger child. the gun was fired at the younger child. the frightened 5-year-old ran back into an apartment building where police later found the gun. now, at this time, police are investigating, they are trying
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to determine if somebody left that gun somewhere where it was not secured, where a child could get to it. that does carry a criminal penalty in maryland. but right now, police are simply trying to determine how that 5-year-old came in contact with the gun. wendy, back to you. >> all right, jackie bensen. thank you, jackie. and one person -- >> one person was shot and killed during an armored car robbery attempt in northeast this morning. police are looking for two of his accomplices. pat collins is on the scene now with more on this. pat? >> reporter: jim, police say a man tried to rob an armored car. they say he planned to get a jump on the guards, but in the end, that man, that suspect, he ended up dead. >> he was right by the bank, crouched. he was just crouched down. but, you know, he looked suspicious a little bit, you know, so i held my pocket, you know. and then i just walked right by him. >> reporter: people here saw the suspect. they heard the gunfire.
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an unnerving time at trinity square. >> i heard something that was like fireworks, and then we looked outside and there was a guy on the ground. >> at first it was a little hysteria here. i didn't know what to think. >> reporter: it happened at this small shopping center on michigan avenue. across from trinity university. two armored guards making a delivery to this bank. a man hanging out in front tries to rob them. shots fired. the suspect falls to the ground. >> i think that the person probably was out in front of the bank at the time or shortly before the armored car got here. >> reporter: and you say the guards were alerted? what do you mean by that? >> i think their radar went off and they sensed something was up. >> reporter: bill schultz and his son, they were here when it happened. >> and we saw two guards, guns drawn, and a person on the ground. we quickly went back inside,
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locked the door, and waited until police showed up. >> reporter: this man saw things, but he asked not to be identified. >> it was like pop pop pop pop pop. and then it stopped. pop, pop, pop, pop. that's how it happened. so we walked outside, and the dunbar officer said get back inside. and the guy was just lying there, and he just -- he picked his head up one time and just collapsed. >> reporter: police say the suspect was armed. they say a gold cadillac car was seen speeding away from the shopping center. that suspected getaway car found abandoned in maryland on the beltway. investigators tonight busy trying to identify that suspect, traces history, and track down any possible accomplices in this case. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. we have an update now on a cold case murder out of charles
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county, maryland. a second person has now been charged in connection with the murder of chris mater. mater was driving home from his job as a bartender on the night before thanksgiving back in 2004. somebody shot him. a couple days ago, sheriffs deputies arrested 33-year-old sean myers and charged him with first degree murder. they're holding him without bond. last year, 29-year-old matthew derek corral of king george in virginia was arrested, and also charged in connection with this murder. a single engine plane, there you see it, that is a creek in queen ann's county, and that is not a water plane. it had engine trouble minutes after it took off from the bay bridge airport around noon today. the pilot was the only one on board, and he swam to shore and did not need any medical attention. there's an update tonight on online gambling in d.c. it was supposed to begin on septemberth. but now it's been delayed indefinitely to allow for more
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community comment. jack evans is the chairman of the d.c. council finance committee. he says a hearing yesterday produced a lot of confusion and anger over that plan. online gaming was inserted into a city budget plan during the winter without any public hearings. the deadline to raise the nation's debt limit is approaching one day after president obama criticized congress for taking frequent breaks. tempers are flaring, and the attacks are getting personal. kristen dahlgren has our report. >> reporter: with just over a month until the u.s. defaults on its loans, the senate cancelled its holiday recess, planning to return july 5th. >> what we have to do is too important not to be here. >> reporter: but there were still fireworks. some republicans clearly irked by the president's criticism. >> instead of going to philadelphia tonight and raising money, why didn't he call
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senator mcconnell, speaker boehner, minority leader pelosi and majority leader reid into his office and sit down and do his job? >> reporter: senator mcconnell threw down a challenge. >> the president says he wants to get working. wants us to get working. i can't think of a better way than to have him come right on over today. we're waiting. >> reporter: but as the president left for philadelphia, the administration insisted it is working on ending the stalemate, agreeing to cuts and open to more. >> he is -- has met, again, this week with senator mcconnell, this week with senator reid. last week twice with house speaker boehner. >> reporter: democrats continue to press republicans to bend on closing tax loopholes for the wealthy. >> and the litany of subsidies that we have gone through from yachts to thoroughbred horses to jet liners of commercial entities, all of these things are special favors in that tax code. >> reporter: republican leaders
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maintain tax hikes are off the table, accusing dems of overspending. >> it's time we put in the straight jacket, the procedures and the process to balance the budget of the united states of america. >> reporter: the two sides still far apart as the deadline to extend the debt ceiling grows closer. and as republicans continue to criticize president obama for not meeting today, senate majority leader harry reid has asked the president to come to capitol hill next week for more face-to-face discussions. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren, news4. msnbc's political analyst mark halperin was suspended for an inappropriate mark about president barack obama. this happened on "the morning joe" show. halperin, also an editor at "time," used a vulgarity to describe the president. white house press secretary jay carney says he complained to the network. >> the comment that was made was inappropriate. it would be inappropriate to say
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that about any president of either party. >> it was inappropriate, it was disrespectful, i've already apologized, i will again to the president and say i'm sorry. and i'm sorry to the viewers. >> we should note that msnbc and this television station are both owned by nbc universal. this was the last day of school for montgomery county school superintendent jerry weist. he is retiring after 12 years as superintendent there. today he spoke proudly of his accomplishments. >> we've gotten better every year. even though we have gotten bigger, even though we've gotten poorer, even though we've gotten more diverse, even though we have more children that don't speak english, we've gotten better every year. that's the key. >> the school system today also unveiled the malcolm baldrij award, given to organizations for performance excellence. weist says he hopes his future includes working with the nonprofit to continue to help
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kids across the country. dr. joshua star will become head of montgomery county schools beginning tomorrow. well, you could soon bring your own bottle of wine to your favorite restaurant in virginia, because a new state law takes effect tomorrow. it will give restaurants the option of letting patrons bring their own wine to drink while they are dining. the restaurant will also be allowed to charge customers a corkage fee if they do bring their own. the fee amount is left up to the restaurant to decide. coming up in our broadcast tonight, a man slipped through security and on to a plane without a real boarding pass. the french president gets roughed up while walking through a crowd. quite simply, one of our nation's finest public servants. >> reporter: a big sendoff retirement party today for the defense secretary. the wildfire in new mexico is close to a state record. >> what about our weather, doug? >> just had a state record in arizona. our weather, 86 degrees out there right now, low humidity, just about perfect for the last day of june.
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july, however, could start out on a different note. i'll talk about that coming up. first, hakem. in sports, the nba locks out its players. we'll have reaction. d.c. united welcomes its new prized player to town. plus, maria sharapova bac
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french president nicholas sarkozy had had something of a scary moment today. shaking hands with the crowd when a guy grabbed his suit, nearly knocked him over. bodyguards took the guy down. authorities say sarkozy was not injured. he went on shaking hands. federal investigators are trying to figure out how a man was able to fly across the country without a valid boarding pass. they say the man is a nigerian national and u.s. resident who took a virgin america flight from jfk to los angeles on friday. the flight attendant noticed he was in a seat that should have been empty. he displayed a university of michigan student i.d. that was five years old, and an expired boarding pass with someone else's name on it. law enforcement met him at the gate after the flight, but they let him go, saying he posed no immediate threat. officials arrested him yesterday after he apparently tried to fly from l.a. with another invalid
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boarding pass. seems he had a bunch of them. he's charged with being a stow-away. speaking of stow-aways, a guy gets on a plane a couple weeks ago with his girlfriend in washington state. they're on their way to alaska. he goes, takes his seat, wants to get a little nap. felt something crawling up his sleeve, reached down to take the thing off of him, whatever it was, and it hit him, stung him. it was a scorpion, poisonous. a couple doctors were on board. they treated the man. his name is jeff ellis. he is expected to be okay now. he walked away with two round-trip tickets that alaska airlines gave him in some measure of compensation. alaska airlines officials say that thing apparently got on the plane in texas where that flight had come from before it went to washington state. a farewell ceremony honoring
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robert gates was at the pent b goodnight. brian mooar gives us the details. >> reporter: as defense secretary robert gates stepped down, he was saluted with all the pormp the pentagon could muster and a surprise from the commander in chief. >> as president, the highest honor that i can bestow on a civilian is the presidential honor of freedom. >> i'm deeply honored, and moved by your presentation of this award. >> reporter: gates served eight presidents in a career that took him through the ranks of the cia and to the pentagon in late 2006. as america was fighting two wars that looked unwinnable. >> bob, today you're not only one of the longest-serving secretaries of defense in american history, but it is also clear that you have been one of the best. >> the truth is, you saw the change that was needed before many of us did. it was you who led our transition to a new mission in iraq, and proved pivotal to the transition we now strive towards
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in afghanistan. >> reporter: he leaves with american troops heading home from both fronts. osama bin laden is dead, and al qaeda marginalized. but gates isn't taking the credit. >> i'd like to start with the two presidents whom i've been privileged to serve in this role. >> reporter: he thanked those he served, and those who served him. >> i'll just say here, that i will think of these young warriors, the ones who fought, the ones who keep on fighting, the ones who never made it back, until the end of my days. >> reporter: robert gates, leaving the pentagon, and a legacy. leon panetta takes over tomorrow as defense secretary, and general david petraeus has just been confirmed as panetta's replacement as cia director. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news4. the nuclear laboratory in los alamos, new mexico is still closed while crews continue to fight a massive wildfire. fire officials say they are
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confident the flames will not spread to the lab or to nearby homes. that fire has burned nearly 145 square miles so far. that's nearly 93,000 acres. they have set up some backfires around the laboratory and other places there in new mexico. if that fire continues to burn at its current pace, it could become the biggest fire of its kind in the history of new mexico. crews say they have only been able to contain 3% of that fire. when we come back, protesters take a dip in the anacostia. they want to show just how nasty that water is. it's a call for action. lightning does not strike twice. but it can strike six times on the same guy. >> and we've got a holiday weekend fast approaching, and doug is going to tell us what's going to be around for the fireworks in terms
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well, this is not something you just want to do any old day. jumping into that anacostia river. but they did it fully clothed, because they were protesting this morning. demonstrators say local and federal governments have failed to adhere to the clean water act. that requires all waterways to
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be clean and safe enough for fishing and swimming. the anacostia is just one of many waterways nationwide now being targeted in an initiative to clean up urban waters. and you do want a hazmat suit before you go in there. >> i would bet that they're still in the shower. that was this morning. >> yeah. >> filthy. well, tell us what is heading our way. >> what's heading our way. well, you walk outside today, and you just think, what? >> a little sliz of heaven. >> a little slice of heaven. i think we're going to get another slice, maybe a smaller slice tomorrow and then the end of the cake comes, because there's no more after this. but today was a great day to get outside and really do whatever it is you wanted to do out there. and a lot of people took the opportunity to go out to the beach. this was toward sandy point state park right there next to the bay bridge on the chesapeake bay, a great place to go, great place to take the kids, as well. as temperatures soared into the 80s today, but with low humidity, hey, wasn't all that bad. as a matter of fact, high temperature today reached 88 degrees.
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look at that shot, plenty of blue skies, lots of sunshine. just a fantastic afternoon. there's just not enoughage actives to describe what the day was like. 88 degrees after a low this morning of 67. low humidity, and as i mentioned, just a great day. temperatures around the region right now, 86 at the airport, winds out of the north-northwest at 15 miles per hour so breezy. look at the humidity. only 28%. that's very, very low. it's quite dry and feels that way. 82 in martinsburg, 81 in culpep culpeper. leonardtown coming in at 83 degrees. and on the ocean, ocean city, maryland coming in at 79 degrees. be nice to be down there, wouldn't it? live digital doppler radar, all clear, no rain over the next 24 do 48 hours as we are all clear, not just around our area, but toward the great lakes, you have to go all the way back to chicago to see any form of rain across most of the nation, actually. but one area seeing a lot of rain from tropical storm arlene is mexico. and even portions of southern texas. winds now 40 miles per hour, the
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storm is well to the south of texas. so it's not being impacted directly by the storm. but they're seeing some beneficial rains into portions of southern texas. so that storm actually helping with some drought situations down there. nice weather for us and really across most of the eastern half of the nation as high pressure is dominating. that area of high pleasure will slide south tomorrow. i still think tomorrow is going to be a very nice day, although i also think we could get near 90 degrees. but then here comes the hot weather just in time for the holiday weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, maybe tuesday and into wednesday, could be on the hot side with temperatures at or above 90 degrees, and with added humidity, it's going to feel warmer than that. this evening, clear, mild. 83 to 75 degrees. temperatures dropping to about 75 by 9:00 this evening. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, those winds on the light side once again. look for clear skies and a nice morning. temperatures in the mid 50s in the cool suburbs, a nice warning. as we move through the day tomorrow, mostly sunny and
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warmer but still looking good. we'll call it a fantastic friday. 85 to 90 degrees. the next four days, here comes the heat. 92 on saturday, 95 on sunday. but the heat index over 100 potentially and a 30% chance of showers and storms. most of us will remain on the dry side. monday, temperatures around 90 for your 4th of july. right now we're calling it a dry 4th but a good chance of storms as we move in towards the later portions of next week. coming up tomorrow on that fantastic friday, we'll be in somebody's backyard. if you would like us to do the weather live in your backyard, e-mail us at again, doesn't have to be a backyard. we'll come to the side yard, garage, block party. that could be awesome. >> thanks, doug. coming up in our next half hour, a competition locally where the students make their own submarines and then race them. and dozens of cats have to be euthanized in fairfax county, because a deadly virus has
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infected an animal shelter. i'm julie carey in loudoun county where a governor's task force on lyme disease weighs in on what it calls the greatest health threat of our time. their recommendations on how to combat it coming up. coming up in sports, maria sharapova is the old lady at wimbeldon and the old lady is winning. plus, why nba commissioner david stern says he's not scared [ male announcer ] we are americans. we know right from wrong. and we know the ads blaming president obama for the economy are politics at its worst. the republicans have opposed economic reforms at every turn. and now they have a plan that would essentially end medicare for future retirees... slash education... while giving huge tax breaks to big oil and the wealthy.
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we can't rebuild america if they tear down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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prince george's councilwoman leslie johnson pleaded guilty today in the corruption case in which her husband was also a defendant. she vowed to stay in office until she is sentenced in october. but county executive baker wants her to step down now. a 4-year-old child was shot on a playground in temple hills this afternoon. police say another child, a 5-year-old, found a gun. when the gun went off, the bullet hit the other child in the back and shoulder. the child is expected to survive. police are trying to determine where that gun came from. one day after president obama criticized congress for taking frequent breaks, the senate decided to shorten its july 4th recess, and return to work on july the 5th. republicans, though, fired back at the president and challenged him to meet today to negotiate a
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deal to raise the debt limit. the president instead went to philadelphia. lyme disease is a serious health problem, and it is spreading across virginia. for seven months, a task force has studied ways to combat this illness. >> loudoun county leads the state in the number of lyme disease cases. julie carey tells us that's where the task force delivered its report. >> reporter: charlotte wears a green ribbon to draw attention to the growing problem of lyme disease and heads a support group for victims of the tick-borne illness. she had the disease six and a half years and ended up bed ridden before lyme was properly diagnosed. >> a lot of the physicians i've encountered have effectively said this disease is hard to get and easy to cure which is wrong. >> reporter: she is heartened to hear that many recommendations voted on focus on raising awareness among medical professionals. resident michael ferris chairs the group.
6:33 pm
eight of his ten family members have lyme disease. among its dozens of recommendations, the task force says doctors and the public must understand lyme disease diagnosis can't be limited to looking for a rash alone. and the so-called elisa test is highly inaccurate. >> the doctors here in virginia are committing malpractice by saying the elisa test is sufficient. and, you know, i would rather that we figure out some way to educate them rather than using a system to sue for malpractice. >> reporter: this mom whose 14-year-old daughter went undiagnosed for two years hopes the task force report will be acted on quickly. >> i'm concerned in the meantime a lot of children are going to get sick. a lot of people are going to get bitten and won't have the accurate tests and will go from doctor to doctor like we did. >> reporter: this report will be handed next to governor mcdonnell. he and lawmakers must decide what to do next and whether to look for more funding to
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implement the recommendations. julie carey, news4, leesburg, virginia. farmers in seven states, and that includes maryland and virginia, are getting some relief from stink bugs. the environmental protection agency announced today it's okay for them to use a special insect iodine to control these things. the temporary order allows farmers to use them only on certain fruits. the exemption is for this growing season, and it expires in october. there was an unexpected explosion of the stink bug this year, as you know. a deadly virus of cats has infected the fairfax county animal shelter. 80 of the animals there had to be euthanized. the virus is responsible for dozens of cats being euthanized and cat adoptions are now on hold. it is only fatal to felines, although dogs can carry the virus on their coats and infect cats in the same household.
6:35 pm
the problems started when infected cats were brought into the shelter, exposing all of the animals there. efforts to save them failed. that shelter is being disinfected now, and cat adoptions will resume as soon as possible. the aclu is suing the district government because of alleged actions of several police officers. the civil rights group says police violated a student's constitutional rights when they told him he could not take their picture. aaron gilchrist with the details. >> just to detain someone on the basis they're taking photos and the police doesn't like it. it's outrageous. >> reporter: 20-year-old jerome voris was a photography student last july. he was on a walk through georgetown and says he saw a traffic stop. looking to add to his portfolio, he says he snapped these photos of d.c. police officers near the corner of m street and 29th. voris says he was first across the street then on the same side as the police activity. after a few minutes, voris says he was asked to stop taking
6:36 pm
pictures and to produce an i.d. >> they told me to put the camera away, to stop audio record be and that i am being detained, and that it is unlawful within the district of columbia to photograph and audio record police officers without prior consent. >> the police really ought to know that citizens can do that, just as the police can take pictures of citizens out on the street. >> reporter: the american civil liberties union filed suit in u.s. district court thursday morning, alleging that since voris wasn't interfering with police work, those officers violated his first and fourth amendment rights. >> now that cell phones with cameras are so u pick wittous, i think police are worried that what they're going to do is going to be preserved and used against them. >> reporter: voris says he started recording audio of his exchange with the officers and was told that too was against the law in the district. spitzer says only one person needs to consent to a recording under d.c. law. voris' lawsuit seeks
6:37 pm
compensation and punitive damages from the officers and the district. >> i want to see police around the country know that photography is not a basis for detainment, it is not unlawful, and to stop harassing and abusing their authority. >> reporter: the aclu says one of its goals with this lawsuit is to educate the public and the police about what rights they have, so that what they say happened to mr. voris doesn't happen to others. aaron gill consichrigilchrist, irvin nathan told us this afternoon he has not seen the complaint. he couldn't comment. the district has 20 days to respond. a man in fredricksburg, virginia pleaded guilty today to producing child pornography. his name is william hurlbit. he's 28 years old. he admitted he performed sex acts with an 8-year-old boy while the boy was asleep, and he filmed it all. this happened back in 2009. he is facing a minimum of 15 years in prison.
6:38 pm
he'll be sentenced in september. when we come back, a change in a controversial policy after some pregnant firefighters in the district complain. >> a local contest providing a unique look inside naval operations. and a local high school is benefitting from the generosity what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lay on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lay on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. oh yeah. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i do this sooner?" during our summer closeout, get the lowest s of the season on our most popular bed sets. perience the sleep number dierence. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores.
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and hello, everybody, and welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. right here in storm center 4 on a perfect day. really, it is quite nice. 86 degrees out there now with plenty of sunshine. temperatures on the warm side, but humidity is very low, so no problems out there. few clouds off to our western counties right now, a few clouds will stream through over the evening hours. winds now out of the north-northwest at 15 miles per hour. overnight, lows to 66 inside the district, 57 in warrenton. some areas in the mid 50s. it will be chilly as you wake up tomorrow morning, but chilly also means quite nice for this time of year. temperatures tomorrow will warm up, high around 90 degrees in washington, maybe 91 in fredricksburg. but once again, i think humidity will not be a problem tomorrow. so one more nice day before we start to see more humid air move on back in. guys? >> thanks, doug. a local high school finally has a library thanks to the
6:42 pm
generosity of a former college president. dr. patrick swagger donated more than 800 books from his personal collection to washington metropolitan high school. he did that today in northwest d.c. swagger served as howard university president from 1995 to 2008. >> books, of course, in years past and today as well open up new worlds, new opportunities, new exposures that may not otherwise come to you. >> swaggert's donation is an he can checkic collection ranging from religion to world history. a student-led book drive contributed to today's gift. hakem is joining us now. what are we looking at? >> lockout number two. >> nba now. >> sad situation. hopefully they can make some progress. we'll show you what union president derek fischer has
6:43 pm
today about it all. plus something maria sharapova rallies to reach the final. and a prove
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some good news for female firefighters in the district today. the department is easing its tough policy that had forced some pregnant firefighters to take leave without pay. tom sherwood with our story. >> reporter: these three pregnant firefighters told news4 last week that d.c.'s tough personnel policy was anti family. >> it's been very stressful, and
6:46 pm
they sprung this on us. >> reporter: that policy essentially forced the women firefighters to go on unpaid leave. the department would allow no more than 30 days of light duty if you didn't have enough sick leave or annual leave, you were on your own without pay. fire chief kenneth ellerby announced a more lenient policy thursday. >> we're here to talk about our limited duty policy in & our adjustment. >> reporter: under the new policy, a pregnant firefighter can be on light duty for 90 days and apply for 90 more, up to 6 months instead of just 30 days. >> since the union has brought it up and it's been a source of contention we decided to adjust the policy. >> reporter: the fire department had begun the new policy in the spring to save money. but ellerby, who has since the protest discussed it with mayor vincent gray, said it didn't reflect concerns of expectant mothers. >> we made a change to accommodate women who are pregnant, and i must say, as
6:47 pm
much as we looked at the policy initially, that may have been one of the things that escaped our perspective. and now having had it brought back into focus, we would like to treat all of our members equally. >> reporter: chief ellerby said he was also concerned some firefighters were concealing pregnancies to stay on paid duty. >> puts them at risk, puts the fetus at risk, puts their colleagues at risk and the community at large. so we would really rather have them tell us about their circumstances and, you know, make a decision to protect the health of their child, the unborn child. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> local 36, that's the firefighters' union today welcomed this relaxed policy, but it said that the policy may still force some pregnant women to take some time off without pay. we turn now to a situation that i find curious. i'm curious, has there been a time when two major sports league versus had lockouts?
6:48 pm
>> this is very odd. two of the major professional sports leagues in a lockout. it's just awful for the fans. >> it sucks. >> i mean, because, you know, the nfl season is coming around, the nba still has a lot to go, still time to make a move here. >> you think they're going to make it, huh? >> i'm always hopeful. >> that's a grim situation over there. i used to be in -- not so much anymore. >> i'm always hopeful. the fans always win. another lockout and black eye to professional sports. the nba owners are locking out their players after fail to go reach a new collective bargaining agreement. it will officially begin at midnight. it reduced the '98 season to 50 seasons. they asked for a raise that would increase the current average salary of $5 million per player to $6.5 million. commissioner david stern and the league says 22 of the 30 teams are losing money, $370 million combined per season. so the owners are asking for a $45 million cap.
6:49 pm
union president and lakers' guard derek fischer walking here with union vp and wizard forward maurice evans says the players will still negotiate, despite the lockout. >> a lot of our fans and people that follow our game, that although we're not going to miss any games at this point, still just don't like the prospect of a lockout. we don't like it either. it's something that our owners feel is the best way, i guess, to maybe get what they want. we don't agree. you know, we're still going to continue to negotiate, even in the midst of this lockout, if that's what happens. >> i'm not scared. i'm resigned to the potential damage that it can cause to our league. as i said earlier, all of the people that earn a living from the league. and as we get deeper into it, these things have the capacity to take on a life of their own.
6:50 pm
and you don't -- never can predict what will happen. >> and the nba says it has two goals, create an economic system that all 30 teams could compete for a championship and a system where each team can be profitable. talking baseball. injury update. nats' jerry harr stop who left after getting hit by a pitch will now miss two to four weeks because of a broken right hand. as for new manager johnson, he's 0 for 3 after the nats were swept by the angels. johnson and the nats struggled defensively in anaheim. bottom four, zimmerman pitching with a runner at third. zimmerman fields it, tries to get abreyu at second. advances to third. angels would take a 1-0 lead. one batter later. bottom six, still 1-0 angels. zimmerman gets some help from his defense. so not all bad. single into the gap, but roger bernadina cuts it off, spins and
6:51 pm
throws a strike to second. and he's out, great play by bernadina. zimmerman went eight innings, no earned runs. angels' starter heroine was just as good. nats still trail in the seventh. stare struck out six. nats down to their last out. michael moore up facing wall, 100 mile an hour fastball. nats lose 1-0 get swept by the angels. the nats' record drops to 40 and 41 and the nats start an 11-game home stand tomorrow night against the pirates. maybe davy can get his first win. d.c. united welcomed mls cup champ and mid fielder rah czarro. he is expected to make an immediate impact with the black and red. and in 11 mls seasons, rizarrio has scored 80 goals.
6:52 pm
he also a member of the canadian national team. he was named the mls cup mvp in 2001 and 2007. this season, he has scored three goals and five assists in fifteen games. he is known for being a clutch player, and he says he's pumped to be playing for dc united. >> i look at it as i embrace the pressure. i like pressure. i think every player in this team, if we want to be successful, should find pressure from themselves first. you know, and that's how you be successful. you want to push yourself to be better every game. and every year, you want to improve. and, you know, i'm coming here not to -- not to just fill a spot, but to be successful. and hopefully start saturday. >> he's a big-moment guy. and i think charlie is a big moment guy. i think you need those guys. when the lights come on, you need guys that want to be -- want to be a big part of it, and want to have success. he's a winner. and trying to bring in guys that
6:53 pm
really know how to win. >> duane rizaro big moment player, playing saturday when the club hosts philadelphia. tennis now. maria sharapova won her first grand slam title when she was just 17, winning the 2004 wimbledon title. now seven years later at only 24, she has a chance at her second wimbledon championship. today sharapova knocked out lisicki in the semi finals. maria sharapova is the oldest, the veteran. first set didn't start well for sharapova. lisicki's serve wide. she jumped out to a 3-love lead. but sharapova in the far court would battle back. winner behind. sharapova rallies to win the first set, 6-4. second set now. match point for sharapova. top of your screen. lisicik's forehand too long and
6:54 pm
maria sharapova beats lisicki in straight sets. sharapova will pay petra on saturday at 9:00 a.m. here on nbc 4. golf now. opening round of the at&t national outside philadelphia and the shot of the day comes from eric comp.ton, a double heart transplant recipient. pretty cool. couple bounces, and right into the cup for an eagle. that was sweet. compton at six over for the tournament, but he'll never forget that shot. scott and hoss tied for the lead at 4 under. good for eric compton. >> he's had a heart transplant twice? >> yes, sir. >> as opposed to having two hearts. yes, sir. >> that's incredible.
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
young infantries took over in bethesda today, there to show off their skills at the international submarine races. 25 teams from around the globe. the subs were built by the students from scratch, and they are powered by a single person, lying inside, pumping bicycle pedals. this event will end tomorrow, and the prizes will be handed out to the fastest teams. >> that's awesome. >> isn't that fun? >> i would love to do that.
6:58 pm
>> very cool. >> how is the weather looking, man? >> we should build our own submarine, okay. >> let's enter next year. >> okay. you draw up the plans tonight. >> no problem. >> okay. >> you're the scientist. outside right now, we have some cloud cover beginning to make its way through the area. don't worry, though, those clouds aren't going to mean any rain or anything like that. we're still looking at a very nice night. a nice night of clouds sometimes means good days for fishing, that's what this gentleman is doing in the potomac. 86 degrees, the current temperature. winds north-northwest at 15 miles per hour. look at the next couple days. we're starting to warm up. temperatures tomorrow around 90. not too bad tomorrow. i still think it's going to be nice. 92 on saturday. 95 on sunday. about a 30% chance of some rain. and then on monday, humid, high temperature around 90 degrees for our 4th of july holiday. right now we're going with a dry holiday, but can't rule out a shower or two. i don't think it will effect too many people, though. >> looking forward to it. thanks, doug. okay. we want to tell you about melvin
6:59 pm
roberts now. depending on your point of view, he's either an incredibly lucky man or a ridiculously unlucky dude that you don't want to be near. this man has survived being hit by lightning six different times. the last time was on monday. he lives down in south carolina, says he heard on the radio that a storm was coming up. so he went outside to cover up his lawn mower. and don't you know it? boom, he's hit by lightning. says his feet are still burning and he has a headache. but he said he doesn't feel as bad as he did the time he went outside to cover his chickens. >> when i woke up, all muddy and bloody and burnt, confused. a couple chickens laying with their little feet up. >> fried. the first time melvin roberts was hit by lightning, he spent the next year in a wheelchair, recovering from nerve damage. >> wow.


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